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Back from vacation...

After a few relaxing weeks on vacation it is time to go back to work. What kind of situation will you return to on the workfloor? Will it be chaos, or is everything taken care of?

As an (experienced) operator or technical mechanic you don’t want chaos on the work floor. You clould be faced with the recurrence of problems that had previously been resolved possilby leading to further problems or with problems that have not been solved at all.

These kinds of disruptions can be prevented in several ways. Cross-training is one of them. It pays off to train operators in multiple disciplines. They become much more versatile, which is very useful when the work force is lower, for example because of illness or during the holiday period. However, it is important that operators keep some ownership and expertise. This tends to get lost when they are required to do more and more.

Another method is to make operators less dependent on the technical services department. Too often the technical services have to come by for chores that the operators could easily do by themselves. For the less experienced employees it is useful to have instructions at hand, preferably digitally and centrally available.

ProMISe can provide all if this. Instructions saved as a PDF file, can be linked to solutions and to failures. You don't have PDFs with instructions yet? No problem! You can add (short) instructions with clear descriptions to the logbook. Using the built-in search engine you can find all the instructions easily.

This way the knowledge about machines, production processes, etc. is secure within ProMISe and is quickly accessible for everyone.