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Holland Malt

Process optimization for a malt house in Eemshaven

Background information

For over 100 years now the Dutch malt house, Holland Malt, has been making the best malts for breweries and distilleries in over 50 countries worldwide. Their customers range from small companies to large multinationals.

The challenge

In 2005 Holland Malt built a brand new factory and they wanted to register all failures right from the beginning to keep the start-up phase, with all its anticipated problems, as short as possible and to have and maintain as little process disruption as possible.

The solution

During the construction of the factory ProMISe was already connected to all process computers, which made it possible to direct the construction based on the findings in ProMISe. With ProMISe they were able to detect the less common failures that would have had a big impact.

All of this has led to rapid commercial success of the new factory, which is now already working at double capacity.