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Heys Super

Process optimization for a poultry processor in Leek.

Background information

Heys Super of Heys Bros. Ltd. is a modern poultry processing company where the quality of the fresh products and service to all clients are of utmost importance. The company is regularly audited by the FDA as well as by various other regulatory bodies.

The challenge

At Heys Super they wanted to further optimize the business processes as well as establish a method to produce clear documentation for the FDA. The quality manager was constantly trying to keep up or improve the production process, health and safety issues, food safety and animal well-being. During audits he had to show clearly when and what was being done to ensure that everything met legal and regulatory requirements.

The solution

Through direct cooperation between quality management, technical services and production it seemed that all needs could be fulfilled by using ProMISe smartly. All failures and disruptions in the production could be easily registered in ProMISe. Thanks to the flexible design of the failure tree, it was also possible to register all failures and disruptions regarding safety and animal well-being. Later the mobile app was also used, which made it even easier to quickly register any failure or disruption.

When registering failures they could immediately initiate actions and allocate them using the action lists. These actions could be linked to specific failures. Because everything is documented and saved in ProMISe, it was very easy for the quality manager show everything needed during audits.

The analyses show where and what caused the most downtime. Management can focus on eliminating the root causes and implementing the continuous improving culture within the organisation.