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Process optimization for a cardboard converter in Winschoten

Background information

Pyroll (previously WinPac) in Winschoten is a carton board converter with state-of-the-art machines and fully automated packing lines, where rolls of carton board are being converted to pallets of sheets of different kinds and sizes. Since 2015 it is part of the international Pyroll concern.

The challenge

A successful aquisition of WinPac by Pyroll could only have taken place if efficiency improvements were made. Pyroll Winschoten wanted to make these improvements by improving the production process holistically and got to use ProMISe.

The solution

Because of a full integration of ProMISe with the business process an abundance of e-mails were reduced to only the strictly relevant. All communication regarding the daily processing of the production is being done using the modules of ProMIS, like the logbook and action lists.

All failures and disruptions in the production process are being registered in ProMISe, partly automatically via PLC. Together with the usage of a user friendly and reliable OEE-module this has led to an organisationwide efficiency thinking of all employees. The results are such that Pyroll is now starting to expand the usage of ProMISe within the concern.