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[Translate to FR:] Uh oh, vacation!

[Translate to FR:] There is a failure and NOW the experienced operator is on vacation, and the other colleagues don't know much about it. What to do?

[Translate to FR:] A common problem during holidays. Failures keep occuring, however, the colleagues who know how to deal with it are on vacation. The other colleagues have no clue either and the instructions are fallible or hard to find. An unnecessary amount of (production) time can be lost to this.

Ideally the knowledge is secured in the company and easily accessible to everyone. If a failure occurs, everyone can look up the instructions and generally solve it themselves most of the time. No panic and colleagues can go and enjoy their holiday.

With ProMISe this is taken care of. Instructions, saved as a PDF file, can be linked to failures and to the appopriate solutions. When registering a failure, ProMISe presents previously used solutions for this failure, including the instructions.

You don't have PDFs with instructions yet? No problem! You can add (short) instructions with clear descriptions to the logbook. Using the built-in search engine you can find all the instructions easily.

This way the knowledge about machines, production processes, etc. is saved within ProMISe and it is directly accessible for everyone.

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