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ProMISe App

No more searching for your pen or pencil. No more forgetting to note important things when a failure occurs. The ProMISe App is the most convenient digital notepad for your machine operator, operations manager or technical service.

ProMISe App
A picture says more than a 1000 words!

THE tool that helps with process optimization. Quickly registering downtime or operator time has never been so easy. Suitable for disruptions in production, safety, internal logistics, etc.

With the ProMISe App you can easily:

  • Register starting and end time of the disruption

  • Send multiple photos

  • Give a description

  • Select the exact root cause and location

Even if there is no Wifi or 4G connection! Ideal for people working in the field or remote places in the plant. And all of this within seconds! It is immediately registered in ProMISe and the operator can continue to fix it. At a later time the registration can be processed further for analysis. This way the ProMISe App contributes to the continuous improvement process within your organisation.


Download the ProMISe App now.

Go to the App- or PlayStore and use the search term: Promise Downtime.

Or click one of the buttons below.