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Your route to operational excellence

Any process (or part of it) is prone to interference. Energy spent cancelling out the consequences of these disruptions adds no value to the end result and therefore should be avoided. The focus should be on identifying the root causes and solving them.

ProMISe offers a working method, training and tools to register, evaluate, analyse and eliminate those disruptions.

Guidance to success

To make continuous improvement become second nature to your organization we take you through the following steps:

  1. Configuring & fine tuning of ProMISe
    • Training
      1. Operators and staff
        • Operational management
          • Top management
          • Practical guidance
            1. Every day
              • Three times a week
                • Twice a week
                  • Once a week
                  • Continuously Improve
                      1. Coaching
                      A structured training method