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No time to start a new project

When talking to companies about improving their production, the statement we so often hear is: “We don't have time to start a new project." Projects implementing new working practices can often take up a lot of time that companies simply don't have. Furthermore, working practice that can lead to an increased production is not a tangible thing. People are not easily convinced of its effectiveness. When buying an extra machine you know exactly the extra production capacity. However, what use is it when your process is not optimized and the machine is not fully utilized?

Why you should start with Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement is not a (one-off) project and implementing it does not take up a great deal of time. Actually, in the beginning you don't change anything. Everyone keeps working the way they were, except that they register all disruptions that cause downtime and annoyances. At the same time you encourage the employees to make small improvements every day. They will feel involved and start to improve more and more. It is an ongoing process where continuously improving the production process becomes a second nature.

Continuous Improvement is all about making small, incremental changes that will provide more customer value. It costs less and can be done much quicker than significant improvement projects. It will automatically lead to better business results, such as increased and more efficient production, reduced costs and increased profit.