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How the Ukraine war raises environmental awareness

It is a sad fact that it takes major crises like war and global pandemics to change the habits of mankind. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic drastic measures were taken to slow down the spread of the virus, by minimizing the movement of people around the globe. As a side effect, these measures had a profound positive impact on the global emissions of carbon dioxide.

With the outbreak of the Ukraine war, prices of fuel are rising at unprecedented rate, and a shortage of wheat and several other crops is looming at the horizon, again, rising prices of fundamental food supplies.

Although Earth Overshoot day passes currently around late July early August, this knowledge, in combination of the climate change challenge, does not invoke a behavioral change of human activity towards sustainability.

A change of behaviour seems only possibly by fear or via the wallet ...

Hence, rising prices seem to do the job. Elevated costs for energy and raw materials nowadays force companies to renew their vision on energy and material savings.

Up till 50% of activities are pure waste!

In over 30 years of improving production and logistical processes we learned that in, even as highly efficient remarked, companies often 25% of all efforts add no value to the product and/or service provided. In most cases this percentage varies from 35% up till 50%.

If these numbers are shocking, widening your current definition of efficiency to a truly holistic view of your total processes will probably provide similar numbers.

Every effort, no matter how (in)direct, consumes energy and/or raw materials.

Efficiency is key!

By preventing unnecessary operations in production and distributional industries we can and should, the latter as a responsibility towards future generations, raise efficiency, to significantly reduce energy consumption and wastage of raw materials!


Up till one-fifth of the environmental goals of most industries can be realized by just getting in control of your processes!

Raising your efficiency is the least costly and most accessible first step towards massive cost reduction and a better world for our children!

The climate impact of efficiency

Just spend 7 minutes of your life to learn more about the impact of efficiency on the climate challenge.