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Your Experience matters!

No matter the field of work, being in industry, finance, health care, social work, automotive, logistics, IT etc... we would like to gain a better view on the impact of wasted time, effort or energy in daily working life.

Everyone can and is able to answer the following question from his professional point of view:

Consider all(!) activities within companies you're familiar with. What percentage of effort/time/energy has no contribution to the final product or service?

Non ci sono domande più disponibile.

Why anonymous?

After consulting several scientific institutions across the globe, we found no meta-studies covering the leanliness (if there is such a word) over large regions e.g. countries/continents across the globe about the amount of wasted effort in the work environment.

Because this survey is not about well investigated fact-based information but your impression during your professional life, this poll is anonymous.

We therefore do not store any data about your vote in any way.

The results of the poll are available to be used freely by anyone!

Thank you for voting!